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Tema: Official english statement about this sad situation

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    I will apologize to all the subtitles.es members (except thieves) when this is over. As i said, calling all the users mediocre was a misunderstanding. I am sorry you (the users) had to go through all of these, but it's the only way we could speak freely to this Spanish community.
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    my question is, Gabriel.. if you`re saying you're trying to stop people that remove credits, why didn't you EVER respond to anything i said? I got no reply to the emails i sent you.
    (anyone wanna bet i won`t get an answer?)
    Alex28, if you want to solve things just do it, we do not start any flamewar.

    You are aware that some of addic7ed moderators came here and start sending PMs to other users promote your website.

    I will never answer any email from you where you call me a nazi and threat me or this community.

    You show very little respect for spanish people and subtitulos.es by allowing and encouraging a mail bombing and a flamewar, where there's nothing more than non-sense hate.

    In Subtitulos.es we will keep triying to do quality subtitles and respecting everyone's work and giving proper credits, since we've been doing so for more than 2 years.

    If you quit sync-ing english subtitles, what a shame, you did a great job and nobody has ever denied that.

    We both know this is just and ragecry attention call, so cut the crap and start acting like an adult. If you want to contact me just email me in a polite way as I'm willing to answer you.

    This is my last comment about this situation as I think I already make it clear that we never encourage any actions againt other website nor protect people who does.

    Now I have to dedicate the few spare time that my job allows me to the great and respectful community that Subtitulos.es is.

    THE END.

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